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Anita Vincent, MBA, LPN

Anita Vincent prides herself in advocating for the rights of individuals to have the quality of life they deserve while living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia's. She sits on national committees and advocacy boards and conducts training for healthcare professionals and those working with seniors.Anita is a highly regarded memory care consultant, author and speaker. She has lectured on dementia and been featured in a variety of publications.

Course curriculum

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    Texas Licensing Standards for ALF Subchapter A

    • Purpose and Application

    • Types of Assisted Living Facilities

    • License Fees

    • Health Care Professional

    • General Characteristics of a Resident

  • 3

    Subchapter B

    • Criteria for Licensing

    • General Application Requirements

    • Time Periods for Processing All Types of License Applications

    • Renewal Procedures and Qualifications

    • Change of Ownership

    • Relocation

    • Increase in Capacity

    • Decrease in Capacity

    • Provisional License

    • Initial License for a Type A or Type B Facility for an Applicant in Good Standing

    • Alzheimer's Certification of a Type B Facility for an Initial License Applicant in Good Standing

  • 4

    Subchapter C

    • Standards for Type A and Type B Assisted Living Facilities- Employees

    • Standards for Type A and Type B Assisted Living Facilities-Managers Responsibilities

    • Standards for Type A and Type B Assisted Living Facilities-Staffing

    • Standards for Type A and Type B Assisted Living Facilities-Staff Training

    • Standards for Type A and Type B Assisted Living Facilities-Social Services

    • Standards for Type A and Type B Assisted Living Facilities- Resident Assessment

    • Resident Policies

    • Admission Policies

    • Inappropriate Placement in Type A or Type B Facilities

    • Advance Directives

    • Resident Records

    • Personnel Records

    • Medications

    • Accident, Injury or Acute Illness

    • Resident Finances

    • Food and Nutrition Services

    • Infection Control

    • Access to Residents

    • Restraints

    • Accreditation Status

    • Vaccine Preventable Diseases

    • Guardianship Record Requirements

    • Policy for Residents with Alzheimer's Disease or a Related Disorder

    • Certification of a Facility or Unit for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders

    • Standards for Certified Alzheimer's Assisted Living Facilities

    • Advertisements, Solicitations, and Promotional Material

  • 5

    Subchapter D

    • Introduction and Application

    • General Requirements

    • Operation Features

    • Construction

    • Site and Location

    • Sanitation and Housekeeping

    • General Safety Features

    • Construction and Initial Survey of Completed Construction

    • Plans, Approvals, and Construction Procedures

  • 6

    Subchapter E

    • Inspections and Surveys

    • Determinations and Actions

    • Informal Dispute Resolution

  • 7

    Subchapter F


    • Complaint Investigation

    • Investigations of Complaints

    • General Provisions

  • 8


    • Investigation of Facility Employees

    • Procedures for Inspection of Public Records

    • Resident's Bill of Rights and Provider Bill of Rights

    • Publication of Rules and Required Postings

    • Wheelchair Self-Release Seat Belts

    • Authorized Electronic Monitoring (AEM)

  • 9

    Final Exam- Test Your Knowledge

    • Printable Study Guide

    • Final Exam