Course Description


Anita Vincent, MBA, LPN

Anita Vincent prides herself in advocating for the rights of individuals to have the quality of life they deserve while living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia's. She sits on national committees and advocacy boards and conducts training for healthcare professionals and those working with seniors.Anita is a highly regarded memory care consultant, author and speaker. She has lectured on dementia and been featured in a variety of publications.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Before You Begin

    • NAB-National Association of Long-term Care Administrators Board

  • 2

    Basic Knowledge about Caregiving

    • Basic Knowledge about Caregiving

  • 3

    Cultural Differences in the Care of the Elderly

    • Cultural Differences in the Care of the Elderly

    • Elderly Perceptions in the US as a Case Study

    • Question

    • Elderly Perceptions in the UK as a Case Study

    • Elder Care in Korea

    • Question

    • Elder Care in China

    • Question

    • Elder Care in Japan

    • Elderly Care in Indian Culture

    • Elderly Care in French Culture

    • Elderly Care in the Mediterranean and Latin Cultures

    • Elder Care in African Culture

    • Question

  • 4

    A View of Senior Living

    • A View of Senior Living

    • National & State Considerations

    • State Oversight

    • Question

  • 5

    Human Resources

    • The Job of Caring for People

    • Consequences of Hiring Wrong

    • LinkedIn

    • Online Recruitment Websites

    • Job Fairs

    • Word of Mouth

    • The Initial Selection

  • 6

    Being the Right Employer

    • It’s a Two-way Street

    • Post Hire

    • Culture of the Workplace

    • Professional Relationships

    • Understanding the Value of the Job

    • Welcoming New Staff

  • 7


    • Effective Leadership

    • 5 Pillars of Effective Leadership" | Ari Zucker